Brand Identity

Full Digital Branding Package

Our all-encompassing branding package provides a bespoke logo, tailored to reflect your brand’s ethos, alongside a carefully curated color palette with detailed color codes for universal application. It also includes a distinctive selection of typography, complete with guidelines, to ensure a consistent and powerful brand voice across all communications.


Bespoke Logo Design

Logo Dimension + Orientation Variants

Curated Color Palette


Brand Style Guide

Add-on to Your Digital Branding Package!

Imagery Styling

We’ll establish guidelines for the style of photography, illustrations, or other visuals used in your brand communications, ensuring a consistent look and feel.


Our designers will create a set of custom icons that can be used in your brand communications. These will be designed to complement your logo and overall brand style.

Business Cards

We’ll design a business card that leaves a lasting impression. The design will incorporate your logo, color palette, and typography to ensure brand consistency.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Your brand will be represented professionally with our custom-designed letterhead and envelope. These will incorporate your logo, color palette, and typography for a cohesive look

Email Signatures

We’ll design a professional email signature that incorporates your brand elements and contact information. This will ensure consistent brand representation in your email communications.

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