About this project

Taking on the executive leadership role for the Uyeno Foundation has been a transformative experience. Directly steering the foundation, we have been embodying the essence of their mission to support mental health initiatives, leading from the forefront to effect real change.

Our involvement has been comprehensive, encompassing the establishment of strategic directions, operational leadership, and the implementation of fundraising and grant application frameworks. Our hands-on approach has allowed us to integrate the foundation’s values into every aspect of its operation, ensuring a coherent and impactful presence in the mental health sector.

Working on a project where we can directly contribute our leadership skills and dedication is incredibly fulfilling. Through our executive guidance, the Uyeno Foundation is empowering positive change in mental health through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education programs.

Visit their website to see the impact of our ongoing leadership and find out how you can be part of this vital mission!

Date: December 2020

Client: The Uyeno Foundation

Category: Branding, Logos, Graphic Design, Web Design