About this project

Will & Katie at SpaceRex, known for their stellar YouTube presence have embarked on an exciting venture with the launch of Yarborough Technologies, a cutting-edge technology consulting arm of their business. We’ve had the thrilling opportunity to work closely with them, revamping their digital identity to match the innovative spirit of their new business division.

Our journey involved crafting a sleek and intuitive website that serves as a gateway to the world of tech innovation Yarborough Technologies embodies. From the ground up, we developed a branding strategy that resonates with their commitment to bringing modern technology solutions to the forefront of businesses worldwide.

The new website not only showcases the pioneering services of Yarborough Technologies but also harmonizes with the educational and engaging content SpaceRex is known for. It’s a fusion of exploration and practicality, reflecting the dual essence of their mission to educate and innovate within the tech landscape.

Visit their new website to see how SpaceRex and Yarborough Technologies are setting new paradigms in technology consulting and digital media!

Date: March 2024

Client: SpaceRex, Yarborough Technologies

Category: Web Design, Branding