An important first step toward establishing your brand on social media is deciding which social media platforms are best for your organization.

While it might seem intuitive to be on every platform possible in order to have the widest reach, this is not simple nor typically the best move for every brand. It is important that you select social media platforms that are appropriate to the brand you have curated. Some brands may perform well on TikTok while others are better off sticking to Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, every social media platform you choose to utilize represents a significant time investment. It is much more efficient to dedicate time and resources to two significant platforms than be spread thin among ten underperforming platforms.

Deciding which platforms are relevant to your organization can be tricky. Think about your target audience and what platforms they would likely frequent. For example, if your clients are typically professionals, you may benefit from establishing a strong business presence on LinkedIn. If you write young adult novels, Twitter or TikTok could be effective places to publicize your books. These are broad examples, and there is no one-size-fits-all.

Keep a running list of platforms that seem to match the demographics of your target audience. If you’re unfamiliar with a platform, create a personal account and learn to use that platform to gain a deeper understanding of whether and how your brand might utilize it.

Once you have narrowed down the list based on demographics, prioritize it further based on your organization’s needs and resources. You may have a list of five platforms and resources to dedicate toward all of them, or maybe you only have the resources to run accounts on two.

If you are still unsure about which platforms should be prioritized, it is time to begin thinking about active users and platform growth. In Part 2 of Visaggio & Co.’s series on social media best practices, we will discuss this issue – how to choose platforms that have high growth potential versus platforms that may see a declining audience over time.

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